Rubem Robierb Bio

Rubem Robierb was born 1976 in Maranhão, the Brazilian state home to several renowned Brazilian poets. For many years Robierb was both a poet and photographer, using photos to translate his literary works into images. Gradually, his interest in photography became a primary catalyst in Robierb’s artistic practice. Four years ago, Robierb moved to the United States to continue developing his artistic career; now he lives between New York and Miami, where he has his own studio and regularly participates in Art Basel.

Currently Robierb creates multi-media artworks that involve photography, silkscreen, painting and sculpture.  His recent work explores the fragility of life by contrasting the innocence and beauty of butterflies and flowers with symbols of violence. This contrast serves as a metaphor, while inviting introspective criticism of war and destruction. His work has shown internationally in solo and group gallery exhibitions, as well as at various international art fairs. The artist is represented by various galleries in the U.S. and Europe. In Chicago Robierb is represented by Kasia Kay Art Projects.