Kasia Kay

Founder, Kasia Kay Art Projects

Kasia Kay brings an international perspective and a life-long fascination for art to her curatorial projects.

She was born in Poland and by her late 20s had lived in four countries. Ever eager to pursue art, as a child her interests were put on hold during her life in Communist Poland. Once settled in the United States, however, she headed directly towards her passion – art.

In 2002, Kasia presented her first curatorial project, Rays of Light. The group exhibition of international artists featuring Tatsuo Miyajima was met with excellent reviews. Four years later, Kasia’s interest in curating continued to grow and she opened Kasia Kay Art Gallery in 2006.

From the start, Kasia was inspired to eliminate a conventional experience from the gallery space. Her unique juxtapositions of artwork and the introduction of unusual curatorial elements built her reputation as a gallerist determined to present art in new ways. Whether wrapping a 17-foot U-Haul truck in a Hebru Brantley canvas mural as he painted live or transforming a gallery into Andy Warhol’s Factory, complete with work by Warhol-affiliated artists, Kasia has always relished the avant-garde.

In 2016, after managing her gallery and presenting art projects and site-specific installations in Chicago, Miami and New York, Kasia decided to focus full-time on curatorial work and closed her gallery. In its place, Kasia Kay Art Projects was born.

Today, Kasia has curated and produced exhibition projects and site-specific installations at various venues in Chicago, Miami and New York. In addition to her curatorial projects for Kasia Kay Art Projects, Kasia creates art herself and is currently focused on sculpture. She says that the slower-paced, independent work of an artist combined with the faster-paced, collaborative work of curation strengthens her work in both. Firmly planted in the art world she has always loved, she continues to provoke thought and re-invent how people discover art through her curatorial work.