All That You Can See II


Kasia Kay Art Projects is proud to present "All That You Can See II," a public video installation by SANDRA BERMUDEZ. Art Loves Design and The Miami Design District invite you to the official Art Basel Party - a series of over 40 fantastic exhibitions featuring world-renowned artists. "All That You Can See II" is a two channel video installation, projected onto opposite walls of the site-specific location. The viewer witnesses two people getting ready to go out: a male and a female character played by the artist herself. While these characters interact in this coy affair, the viewer, walking between the projections, becomes another person in this dialogue concerning the nature and universality of human attraction

In her work, Sandra Bermudez has been creating playful and seductive works that reference pornography as well as contemporary body art. She has explored conventions associated with love and sex, and has delved in gender issues with a focus on identity, representation and construction of the female sex. In her newer work Bermudez introduces an emotional paradox, examines our desires and focuses on human psyche. In "All That You Can See II" she explores the nature and universality of human attraction and through the exposure of an intimate aesthetic into a public sphere, Bermudez formulates a dialogue concerning private versus public aspects of our encounters. In the "All That You Can See" two engaged in their rendezvous characters gaze and smile without words or physical interaction exchanged. The beauty of innocent interactions can only be jeopardized by a passer by, who is after all left only with their own personal experience and fantasies of the video characters’ future encounter.

Similar to the original "All That you Can See" video, the image crops elicit ambiguity at first, but next redirect viewer's attention to intricate expressions of the two characters. The onlooker is forced to imagine a scenario where the interactions and expressions could occur naturally. In order for this to happen, an aspect of the imagined scenario requires personal experience. With the publicly installed “All That You Can See II,” an intimate aesthetic is brought forth into a public sphere. Although flirtatious events are often witnessed by chance, they can be left unnoticed. Through enlarged public projections, the video evokes audience's excitement from exposed details regarding intimacy, attraction, exchanged interactions, and brings our awareness to human attraction. These common themes weave through all of Bermudez work and especially relate to her detailed analysis in personal relationships.