Katya Bankowsk’s is a director whose work includes the award winning feature film Shadow Boxers, art and music videos, as well as numerous TV commercials and digital campaigns for clients including Reebok, Maserati, NFL, NY Times,Verizon, WNBA, the US Olympic Committee, Bacardi-Martini, and Brazilian Brahma beer for which she directed an extensive cross-platform international launch including European TV and cinema. Katya has worked with Maya Angelou, 50 Cent, Jay Z , numerous professional athletes and is currently working on a web series she writes, directs and co-stars in with french fashion icon Michele Lamy. Bankowsky’s award-winning feature documentary film Shadow Boxers premiered at the Toronto and Berlin International film festivals picking up awards along the festival circuit for direction, cinematography, editing and music. Katya not only directed, produced, and edited Shadow Boxers which went on to receive worldwide distribution through Image Entertainment, but was amongst the first woman ever to compete in the historical 1995 New York Golden Gloves Amateur Boxing Competition. Upon theatrical release, The NY Post described Shadow Boxers as “compelling and beautifully photographed…boxing hasn’t been shown this creatively on screen since Raging Bull”. The Los Angeles Times said simply “Shadow Boxers is the best boxing film you are likely to see” Katya Bankowsky graduated from Yale University and currently resides in New York City.