Sandra Bermudez bio

Throughout her career, Bermudez’s work has focused on different societies’ perception and representation of the female body. She often uses her own body to question the popular iconographic depiction of a woman as a sexual and desirable object. Bermudez creates playful and seductive works that reference pornography as well as contemporary body art. In her provoking series of images, Bermudez resorts to all visual codes of pornographic photography, like saturated colors, flatness, close-ups, and glossy surface. Some of her self-portraits question the iconography of women as objects and uncover them as subjects of feelings and thoughts.addresses the construction of female identity in our society. Bermudez often uses close-up photography to isolate body parts from their immediate context in order to question assumptions about the power of female body in our popular culture, question public versus private aspects of female existence, and explores conventions associated with love and sex. In her newer art works, Bermudez introduces emotional paradox, drama and magic of moments, examines our desires, and focuses on universally familiar elements of human psyche.


Sandra Bermudez - born in Chicago, IL. Lives and works in New York, NY. Bermudez holds two master degrees - one from Columbia University, New York, and the second one from New York University. She participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Colombia and the US, as well as in museums and public spaces shows in Scotland, England, Italy, Argentina, Uruguay, and the US.