The Body, Claudia Hart and Rim Lee

October 29th - November 17th, 2010

Opening reception: October 29, 6-8PM. Artists will be present.


Joseph Ravens performs Kattywampus

November 5th, 2010, 6 and 6:30PM

Joseph Ravens will discuss his performance with an audience at 6:45PM.

The piece was originally created as part of Collaboraction's 9th annual SKETCHBOOK Festival, Chicago 2009.

  Claudia Hart, Teddy, 2010                                      Rim Lee, Absence No.8,  2010       


CHICAGO, IL: kasia kay art projects gallery is pleased to present The Body, an exhibition of new sculptures byClaudia Hart and paintings by Rim Lee, as well as Kattywampus, a performance by Joseph Ravens. Both the exhibition and the performance are in conjunction with the 21st annual edition of the Chicago Humanities Festival 2010. They explore the human body and identity as they are transformed and represented through paintings, technological evolution, and live performance. Curated by Kasia Kay.

The artists of The Body have shown internationally in galleries (including Saatchi, London), museums (including MoMA, NY; P.S.1, NY), art fairs, and at various theatre festivals. Please refer to a complete resume of each artist.

For more information please contact Kasia Kay at or call 312-944-0408.