Yes: New Works by Sandra Bermudez
April 27 – May 27, 2006
Opening Reception on Friday, April 28, 2006, 6-9 pm

kasia kay art projects gallery
1044 West Fulton Market Street, Chicago, IL 60607
Ph (312) 492-8828



CHICAGO, IL—kasia kay art projects gallery is proud to announce the opening of its new show Yes, New Works by Sandra Bermudez. Using the mediums of photography, sculpture, video and installation, Bermudez delves into gender issues, focusing specifically on perceptions and representations of the female body. She explores the conventions associated with love and sex, often addressing the uncomfortable and frequently unmentioned issues surrounding marriage. In her cutouts of branches and reflective chandelier pieces, the artist's digital photographs and silhouettes are manipulated to coolly present marriage and all its accoutrements as the ultimate status symbols and as of proof of success in an 'ideal" lifestyle. Bermudez's skepticism of the relationship between marriage and 'happily ever after" is explored in the Crystal goblet: wedding gift series, where shattered antique wine glasses, originally given as wedding presents, are reconstructed as delicate, thorny flowers, simultaneously beautiful and dangerous. The installation of Little Birds and Bermudez's other sculptural objects like Bunny and Chipmunks focus on the more mundane aspects of couple-hood and explore the balance between gender and housework. The lush tactility and 'cuteness" of the objects draws you in invitingly, but the reality of the animal's exhausted positioning questions domestic power relations. Although Bermudez's work about marriage and relationships is not always positive, one senses hope in her Blue Sky series, which includes Yes, a photograph of a beautiful blue sky and silver Mylar balloons drifting away to spell the word 'Yes."


As an off-site part of Bermudez's show at kasia kay art projects, satellite installations of her silver Mylar balloons will appear at various venues around Chicago, including NOVA Art Fair 2006.


Sandra Bermudez is a New York and Miami-based artist. She holds masters degrees from Columbia University, New York and New York University, and has been selected for multiple residencies from a variety of institutions including the Chateau La Napoule Art Foundation, Cannes and the Bronx Museum of the Arts, New York. Her work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Colombia and the United States, as well as at other museums and public spaces in Latin America, Europe and Asia. She showed with kasia kay art projects at ~scope Miami 2005 and ~scope New York 2006. Her video, All That You Can See II, was shown at a special screening during the opening celebration for Art Basel- Miami Beach Party in December of 2005 (courtesy of kasia kay art projects).