Brian Yates: The New Anomie & Kinga Czerska: New Works
February 23— March 31, 2007
Opening reception: March 2, 2007 , 6-9 pm
kasia kay art projects gallery

CHICAGO, IL : kasia kay art projects gallery is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition of new work by artists Brian Yates and Kinga Czerska. Both artists’ work is abstract and lyrical, while continually making reference to some kind of reality, whether physical or psychological.

Brian Yates uses old player piano rolls in his paintings and sculptures. The rolls reference a grand romantic past, but are brought sharply into the present by their manipulation into objects that look eerily like bombs or explosives. His work contains elements of the unexpected and an apprehension which resides in a wider context of the contemporary American present.

Brian Yates
Welcome to an Occupation

Found objects and mixed media, 2006

Kinga Czerska’s paintings are both beautifully made objects and complex investigations of the intricate webs of patterns that make up our structured environments. Pulling influences from architecture, engineering, and science, she uses rhythm and contrast to play with the flow of a straight line and the fluidity of usually rigid elements. By simultaneously building up an intricately layered surface and using simple lines and colors, Czerska manages to walk a tenuous line between an overwhelming complexity of pattern and a playful lightness of form.

Kinga Czerska
Acrylic on wood panel, 30" x 30" x 2", 2006