Sandra Bermudez: "The Happy Pussy and Other Endings"
Daniel Bruttig: “stink eye”
April 3 – May 9, 2009
Opening Reception Friday, April 3, 6 – 9pm

kasia kay art projects gallery is pleased to announce the second solo exhibition of Sandra Bermudez: “The Happy Pussy and Other Endings”, featuring new work, including a multi-piece installation that will be shown in the main gallery.
The project room will debut work of Daniel Bruttig, a Chicago-based artist.

Sandra Bermudez’ new works retain her thematic focus of feminist pop art but at the same time diverges into a fresh realm with an exciting installation.

"The Happy Pussy and Other Endings” exhibition is divided in two parts. "The Happy Pussy" is a new installation, conceived as a counter-balance to the negative driven lexicon for female genitalia. Thus, the artist selected positive, cheerful words and symbols creating 19 new sculptures. "Pussy", a pink neon sign, the central element of the installation provides an anchor for all the other text-based archival metallic die-cut prints.

The second part of the exhibit: "Other Endings" consists of recent works, including "American Pastoral", "Illicit" and "Jonah's Daughter". "Jonah's Daughter", is a blown up internet photograph from a college porn website, where the topless female has been cut-out and all that remains are voyeurs photographing an empty silhouette of a female. 

In her “Wallpaper” series, the artist questions the popular iconographic depiction of people as sexual and desirable objects. “American Pastoral” explores, challenges and ultimately confounds sexuality and gender norms using modern imagery. The pieces evoke male derobbing and have emasculating, homo-erotic overtones.

The wallpaper installation “American Pastoral” is based on Toile de Jouy, a decorating pattern usually depicting a pastoral theme. Bermudez's imagery, however, replaces the French landscape for contemporary clothing advertisements for teenagers. The photography-based ads present all-American young overtly sexualized figures running amok in a forest. The contrast of the modern sexualizing of youth against the 18th century pastoral themes is presented in a subtle tone that is both humorous and evocative.

“Illicit” is a Plexiglas etched mirror frame. The title refers to the illegal drugs displayed in the botanical drawings on the piece itself. The traditional flora has been replaced by marijuana leaves, opium poppies and coca plants. The piece addresses the complex nature of a viewer’s first impression and contrasts that impression with the seriousness of the underlying message.


Sandra Bermudez

Pink American Pastoral, 2008, Archival Digital Print on vinyl silk (Wallpaper), Ed. 3/5


Sandra Bermudez holds masters degrees from Columbia University, NY and New York University, and has been selected for multiple residencies from a variety of institutions including the Chateau La Napoule Art Foundation, Cannes and the Bronx Museum of the Arts, New York. Her work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Colombia and the U.S., as well as at other museums and public spaces in Scotland, England, Italy, Argentina and Uruguay. Bermudez was recently asked into the Artist Pension Fund-Mexico City.

Daniel Bruttig

Junk painting, 2008-09, mixed media on sewn fabric swatches, 31"X 28"


Daniel Bruttig’s abstract paintings and objects feature a playful color palette and captivating imagery. Bruttig notes that his work “incorporates enough representational familiarity to initiate the viewer’s interest while being abstract enough to confront his initial assumptions. Viewers will process, attempt to identify what they are seeing, and then proceed to question their own presumptions.”

Daniel Bruttig graduated with a BFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago as well as a degree from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. Bruttig was awarded the Union League Civic Arts Foundation Visual Arts Scholarship in 2001 and has since exhibited at galleries in Chicago, New York, Toronto and Milwaukee.