Mike Wong - The Dramatics of Living

June 7 - June 28,2013

Curated by Stefania Carrozzini

Vimeo link http://vimeopro.com/unburden/chicago


(CHICAGO) - Kasia Kay Art Projects is pleased to present  “The Dramatics of Living”, Mike Wong’s first solo exhibition with the Gallery. The show, curated by Stefania Carrozzini, is composed of several mixed media paintings and one video installation entitled “Unburden”.

“The Dramatics of Living“ is an original approach of how Mike views life in recursive forms, paradoxical codes within the complex structures. The audience walks through the journey of living and finally come to the video installation to unburden themselves so that they can be free - to unlearn and learn again.

With or without painting on the canvas, the process to cover and uncover part of the painting, bear witness to a fragmented reality, a precarious existence that is strengthened through a more extensive and complex vision of life, where all aspects from pain to joy are part of the same reality, the faces of the same coin.

This energy is made of a combination of spontaneity and strategy, that will flow to the “Unburden”, a wormhole (box) where the audience is free to release their “burdens” with words, drawings on note pads into the box. Embracing the dramatics of life is possible when the real communication with our inner being take place through the creative journey. At some point of living we need to reflect, unlearn what we have learned so that we can be ready for the next frontier of living with fresh insights to life.

Mike’s painting is best known for his innovative and inventive used of everyday used materials. He likened the canvas to time and space and he explored what it means to paint without the canvas. In the process of art making, everyday objects becomes a medium. A cloth hanger, masking tape, electrical cable ties became part of the installation. The works often has a 3 dimensional quality registering the flow and energy.

With his video installation works, the same theme of space and time are often explored. Some of the works also taps on audience participation. The audience then becomes part of the installation and only through that process, is the work complete.

The paradoxical concept of Mike Wong’s work is to exercise spontaneously within the complex of strategy.

For more information please contact Kasia Kay at info@kasiakaygallery.com or call 312-944-0408.