Duncan R. Anderson
New Work
February 19 – March 20, 2010
Opening reception: Friday, February 19, 6-8PM


kasia kay art projects is pleased to present New Work by Duncan R. Anderson. The exhibition of new sculptures marks Anderson’s second solo show with the gallery.

Anderson is best known for his sculptures, meticulously assembled from miniature toys and found objects. His work is often small in size, lending it a sense of intimacy enhanced by the accompanying text. Anderson’s objects function as what he labels as “stand ins” for concepts larger than the apparent physicalities of the work. He successfully acknowledges both the material aspects of sculpture and the guiding conceptual basis that serve as the impetus for their creation. His work engages in a critical investigation of the sculptural possibilities of scale, worth, and relevance.

New Work introduces sculptures that range in size from small and intimate to large and monumental. In this show, Anderson continues to explore the possibility of finite objects to signify, in his words, “an enormity of unfathomable stars and distance.” His new work showcases human, animal, and hybrid forms set on wall-mounted shelves and freestanding decorative columns. The figures are accompanied by titles, often wordplays, which add context, depth, and a generative aspect to the work, which pushes them beyond their immediate materiality. The juxtaposition of text and image, or in this case figure, sets up tensions and relationships in the work that resist a static interpretation. The work combines humor, wit and sarcasm with an omnipresent melancholy.

Duncan R. Anderson was born in Albuquerque in 1969 and currently lives and works in Chicago. He received BFA from East Tennessee State University. Anderson’s artwork was exhibited in Chicago, including East Tennessee Landscapes (solo exhibition) at Columbia College; Mexico City, Mexico; New York, NY; San Antonio, Texas; and Los Angeles, CA.