Carla Gannis's New Body of Work:

Carla Gannis has parnered with poet Justin Petropoulos to produce <legend> </legend>, a body of work spaning the mediums of print, screen, and internet. This new work will be displayed at an exhibition, opening at Transfer Gallery in Brooklyn, NY on Saturday September 7th from 7-11PM.

The first iteration of <legend> </legend> as a printed book of poetry and drawings, published by Jaded Ibis Press, accompanies the exhibition. Gannis' book can be preordered here.

"<legend> </legend> is a project that will continue to grow and morph - it will include an ongoing interactive element that feeds off the audience, launched in tandem with the exhibition at Transfer." - Carla Gannis

To see more of Carla Gannis' work, visit her page here. For inquiries regarding work availability and pricing please e-mai